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A continuation of ScartolVsOldskyman2003.

Moves 71 to 80  

B1 seals up the middle and W2 stabs toward the bottom weaknesses -- more importantly, though, it attempts to make eye space. There was a chance that White could break through, but I had to worry about that later. First, I had to kill eyes. B3 felt really good, and being allowed to make the thick B5 felt even better. And of course, B7 and B9 make the eye there false. Chalk one up for Black!

Moves 81 to 90  

Whithout B1, White gets dangerously close to making an eye. W4 tries to split Black up, but I kept it together with some pretty slick twisting. W10 looks painful, but it didn't work.

Moves 91 to 100  

W2 is necessary to surround the black stones, but B3 traps White in damezumari. W6 forces the capture (I don't think this is the best use of the aji), and Black is happy to do it. Now the pressure is really on White. This was the first point at which I felt like this might actually work.

Moves 101 to 110  

W2 feels like atari from the wrong direction. If W2 is at B3, then W4 is sente. B7 is threatening to steal the eye, and White a seemed obvious to me. But White kept up the policy of "no retreat" and it cost him.

jsha: Even better is W2 at W4, which is also sente. A case of One-Two-Three.

Moves 111 to 120  

B1 steals the eye. If W2 is meant to cut Black off, it seems overconfident. I expected White to use the forcing move to make an eye on the right; but no. W10 worried me a little, but then I got paranoid about a possible snapback near W8 (but it needed another stone at a, so my fears were silly). Then, of course, I realized that White capturing B9 -- although it kept everything connected -- still resulted in a false eye.

Moves 121 to 130  

B1 is a paranoid move which resulted from poor reading. White could have seized sente and finished me off. But instead he tried to kill the black beast in the middle with W2, which is really close in my opinion. The cut at W4 is also odd, and B7 guarantees the safety of the black stones in the middle there. It also makes it impossible for White to make an eye at a.

Moves 131 to 140  

W130 makes B1 here inevitable. W6 threatens the cut, but B7 is one of them fancy dual-purpose plays. It connects (White can't push because of damezumari, and it falsifies another eye. W8 threatens another cut, but B9 makes a TigersMouth and W10 just helps Black get stronger.

Moves 141 to 150  

W4 threatens the cut at a, but a simple connection would have been too passive. B5 sets up the snapback, but White chose to ignore it. W6 saves W4, and W8 makes B9 automatic. The throw-in at W10 worried me a little, but I felt like Black had enough room on the side to make two eyes anyway. I expected White to push at b.

Moves 151 to 160  

The final nails go into the coffin. W2 forces B3, but the cut at W4 does very little. Black makes sure to live on the right with B5, and if anyone can tell me what W6 does, I'd love to hear it. W8 keeps things connected, but by now it's too late. A calm B9 removes the last margin for error. W10 is a final prayer for Black to slip.

Moves 161 to 165  

But I knew it was over. B1 and B3 makes everything nice and solid. After B5, White resigned.


Author: Scartol

Jasonred : Beautiful... I'm too amateurish to tell which were good plays and which were bad, but I do know that it always feels soooo good when you get into a nerve-wracking, pulse-pounding battle which will win or lose the game for you... and you win!!!

When I look over kifu, some games make me scratch my head (too complex for me). Some make me sigh as I realise how weak I am. Some, I admire for brilliant tesuji. Now and then I smile to myself when watching players even weaker than I am on Yahoo...

On rare occasions, I see a game which makes me cheer with excitement. Actually, make that very rare. (Heck, even during top pro matches the commentator sometimes sounds like he wants to be somewhere else.)

This is one of those games that made me cheer and kept me on the edge of my seat. I admit that I have left off go for a while in favour of playing sports and more "furious" games. Scartol my lad, you have inspired me to return to more active go!

Alex Weldon: It raises an interesting question that I've put on a page called Satisfying Victory Discussion. What kind of wins are your favorite?

Scartol: I just saw these comments (I'm afraid I haven't been too vigilant with my RecentChanges monitoring), so apologies for not responding earlier.

I'm glad this game could inspire others. I think this game is what good Go is all about -- yes, I made some mistakes (there are a few spots where white could have smashed black to pieces), but it's the most thrilling experience I've ever had on the goban.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words.

micheal kris 1k?: as the stronger player herer i can tell you that most of that fight was over play by w you cold have killed him many times many of his moves were even wrong for a fight also i can give you a lot of comments obout the fuseki he didnt play well at all and you didnt take advantge of it a lot of places with over playes and wrong joseki

what you start getting a bit stronger you will see that kills can be very big much more big than this and as a fighting player i can tell you that go is truly mostly a game of fighting and killing you can play a full game without fighting but not win the fight is there when you cant see it and its there after the game is over

it is a part of life and is a part of youre mind and you will learn to fight and kill the true dead with time

and when you will be able to truly see the fight as a part of the game you will be much stronger than me

that view is what keeps go a game and playing it passble

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