Roberts vs Casey

    Keywords: Ongoing game

Black: M.Roberts 23kyu
White: J. Casey 15kyu
6.5 Komi

Commented by Klaus, 1kyu

Moves 1-5  

Klaus: Let's start here: what are the alternatives for B5?

Option 1: safe play  

Black can play safe and hope to overcome the komi with beginning the yose. This offers a fair chance for both sides.

Option 2: invading  

Both players have a mixed, three-space extension, so it is natural to invade at once. a and b are possible invading points.

See Low invasion of mixed three space extension and Attachment invasion of mixed three space extension for reference. Of course things are a little different here . . .

May be confusing . . .  

I have no clue what is going on here. Let's call it a fight. My sequence might be completely off the mark. Black is trying to persuade White to capture stones, using too many moves . . .

May be confusing too . . .  

Again, the sequence is just a guess, but B1 and B3 will be in trouble if White finds time to split at b.

So what about the game continuation?

Moves 1-5  

B5 threatens a splitting attack at a, but compared to a move at b it leaves two weaknesses at x. Black seems to have a shape problem:

I would generally prefer the set of shapes 1 b) and 2 b) over 1 a) and 2 a)

Shape 1 a)  
Shape 2 a)  
Shape 1 b)  
Shape 2 b)  

Having said all that, how should White answer B5?

Suggested W6  

I think, he can simply answer at W6, seeing B5 as a thank you move: white is safe from any invasion now, whereas Black still has two weak spots at x and y.

Next moves at Roberts vs Casey 6-13

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