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pwaldron: Black starts by descending. Playing at a is not so good as it gives the possibility of a ko in the corner.


At this point, White may think he has a shot, but...


...black kills the eye in he corner with an under-the-stones tesuji. White has to look to the left for a second eye.


Note that B5 at a won't work. White can get a second eye with his own under-the-stones.


A final under-the-stones tesuji destroys White's last chance.


unkx80: If W2 connects, then B3 is the way to kill. Next, a and b are miai, so the left side becomes a temporary seki but the right side has only one eye, so White is still dead.

Bill: That makes it a false seki.


MrTenuki: Another variation.

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