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Black to play -- original  



As far as I can see, B1 here is the only move, but I might be doing some wishful thinking in white's responses. If so, I don't see it, but that's why this is an attempt!


B8 makes the other eye false with a and b as miai throw-ins.

pwaldron: There is a mistake here. See later.

W1 captures...  

With B2, white is left with just one eye. Amazing. I don't think the order is particularly important, only that when white connects under, black stops that eye, and if white captures the lone stone for an eye, black connects outside to prepare for what is essentially an under the stones tesuji.

Proposed solution  

pwaldron: After this, White gets a second eye through his own under-the-stones tesuji. erislover: Nice. Poor b!

Attempt mistake...  

White Lives?  

Warder05: This secures an eye on the left. Black can not play at a until he's played B2 and B4, so White actually has time to play W3 and W5 instead of going right for the capture.

Part 2  

Warder05: Since if White plays at B1, she lives, Black must play there to prevent that eye from forming.

Under the Stones  

Warder05: However, the extra liberty at circle affords room for White to make an eye despite Black's play at B1.

White Lives? Not!  

Bill: Black should play B4 here to prevent an eye on the left. (See the /solution.) Now if W5, B6 prevents a second eye on the right (as already shown).

Warder05: Thanks for responding, Bill. But one more question. I didn't think White needed to play at W5 until black plays at a, since black puts himself in atari by playing there himself (see the above diagram).

White Lives? Not! Take II  

Warder05: So, that means white can still connect, no? Black can't play at c until he's played a, which means white gets an eye on the right guaranteed. It looks to me like W5, in this instance sets up a sacrifice. (see next diagram).

White Lives? The Reckoning!  

Warder05: This sequence proceeds the same way as before, however, doesn't white+circle allow white to make an eye?

Under the stones, Again!  

Warder05: Black captures at B3, but there's a key difference!

Under the stones: Revenge!  

Warder05: W1 Captures two black stones to make an eye. Meanwhile, a and b are still miai on the right for White's second eye.

White Lives? Not! Take IIa  

Bill: Black still takes away the potential eye on the left, as in the solution. Warder05: Thanks for being so patient. I really appreciate it.

White Lives? Not! Take IIa  

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