Question about avoiding the taisha

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See also ways to avoid the taisha.

White avoids the taisha[2] but jumps too early

                                            Entered by EricOsman on 5/21/03

In problem 58 of Get Strong at Joseki 2, a taisha-avoidance joseki is shown:

(1) The jump is wrong  

A joseki for White for avoiding the taisha is to play W1 through W5.

However, the jump to W7 is a mistake and should have been played solidly at a (and if Black pushes again, then White can jump).

The question posed is how Black should suitably punish White for this mistake.

If you'd like to think about it before seeing the answer, please do that now.

If you feel clueless, here's a clue. Black starts playing atari on the W1 stone. Care to go back and try to read some follow-up moves before looking at the answer ?

The answer:

(2) Black hane's to the max  

According to the book, Black should play atari with B1, then hane, and if White counter-hanes, Black plays nidan-bane, giving way once if White plays atari with W6.

Suppose White protects with W8 (White should just play nice-doggie at a instead of W8, painful as it is).

Black is about to push through and cut.

Care to think about which side Black will cut on, the "inside" or "outside"?[1]

(3) Black captures a stone in a ladder  

... Black pushes through and cuts on the "outside" with B3 and White protects with W4.

Finally, Black captures the outside white stone in a ladder with B5.

Here are questions left unexplained in the book:

  • The above discussion implies that the ladder is good for Black. If it were White's ladder instead, would White's original jump to W7 still be wrong in Diagram 1?
  • If W7 is still wrong, and the ladder is good for White, is B5 still correct in Diagram 3? If not, how should Black alter the moves to take account of the ladder?

My opinion: W7 is still wrong. Black probably should play as in this diagram, and after white a defend at b. Alternatively, black could decide not to play the atari at B5, and extend at c instead. I don't know which is better. - Andre Engels


Cf. cut the side you don't want.

[2] Too late. Black has already played taisha.

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