Professional Milestones

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This page contains a list of milestones reached by professional players: either wins or games played in professional competition. I know of no unified source for this data, so this list will necessarily remain incomplete and out of date.

The number of official games per year has varied over the past century, though it has generally increased, while there is also inter-country variation in the number of games player per year.

Some 88 Japanese players have reached 500 wins, and 11 have reached 1000 as of July 2010.

1500 Wins

1400 Wins

1200 Wins

  • Kobayashi Koichi - 1200 wins reached in 2005 (Kobayashi reached 1300 wins in August 2012, but this record is not official by him)
  • Kato Masao - 1200 wins reached in 2002 (1254 wins in his career)
  • Yoo Changhyuk - 1241 wins as of June 2016
  • Lee Sedol - 1201 wins as of June 2016 (reached 1000 on 2012-12-26

1000 Wins

2000 Games Played

valerio: some statistics are on [ext] Go Igo Weiqi Baduk and on my other [ext] Italian blog. The list is now complete, I think.

A complete list of Japanese players over 1,000 wins as of April 2011 is at the Italian blog [ext] Go Igo Weiqi Baduk.

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