Nine sorts of suji

    Keywords: Tactics

Charles Matthews This is an older list of mine, which may appear to come from nowhere. It was in fact generated in the period about six years ago when I was spending much time on the content of Japanese problem books, trying to understand their range of questions addressed.

I thought, in the end of a process of classification that separated out standard tesuji at an earlier stage, that there were nine groups of suji questions: something like

  1. Getting ahead
  2. Eye-stealing relation and clamp
  3. Cutting and connecting
  4. Blocking off and escaping?
  5. Capturing and flying off orthogonally.

Much that is familiar here. The pairings are deliberate, and I'd also take terms broadly, so that 'cutting' would for example include the whole business of handling peeps, 'capturing' would also include sacrifices and squeezes

The really new category here was the last one, to include also driving and inducing.

Whether or not this list has any value to others now, it gave me much to think about: for example that getting ahead seems to be an area on its own. Hence my interest in pushing battles, re-inforced by the realisation that only the simplest things about them are ever explained. In a way that is true for many types of suji (there are obviously more types than come on the list, but as a half-way house it isn't so ridiculous).

In this and other ways, this fruit of much collation of problem material has influenced greatly my subsequent writings.

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