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Korean title, equivalent to the Japanese Meijin and to the Chinese Mingren. Also written Myungin. Discontinued in 2004, the 35th Myeongin was held in 2007. Discontinued again in 2016.

All players in a 10 person league, including the previous year's winner, compete to determine which two will play in a best of five match. The top three players remain in the league, with the other seven having to re-earn their place via the qualifying tournament. First Prize is now 100.000.000 Won.

Starting from 37th edition, 12 players are split in two Leagues (each of 6 players); from 39th edition, 16 players compete in a knock-out tournament.

The tournament was revived a second time in 2021, as a double elimination knockout. The sponsor changed from Kangwon Land to SG Corporation.

Winners and defeated finalists
Ed. Year Winner Runner up
1st 1968 Cho Nam-ch'eol Kim In
2nd 1969 Kim In Cho Nam-ch'eol
3rd 1970 Cho Nam-ch'eol Kim In
4th 1971 Seo Pong-su Cho Nam-ch'eol
5th 1972 Seo Pong-su
6th 1973 Seo Pong-su Cho Hun-hyeon
7th 1974 Seo Pong-su Cho Nam-ch'eol
8th 1976 Seo Pong-su Yun Kihyeon
9th 1977 Cho Hun-hyeon Seo Pong-su
10th 1978 Seo Pong-su Cho Hun-hyeon
11th 1979 Cho Hun-hyeon Seo Pong-su
12th 1980 Cho Hun-hyeon Seo Pong-su
13th 1981 Cho Hun-hyeon Seo Pong-su
14th 1983 Seo Pong-su Cho Hun-hyeon
15th 1984 Cho Hun-hyeon Seo Pong-su
16th 1985 Cho Hun-hyeon Kim Su-chang
17th 1986 Cho Hun-hyeon Seo Pong-su
18th 1987 Cho Hun-hyeon Chang Tu-chin
19th 1988 Cho Hun-hyeon Seo Pong-su
20th 1989 Cho Hun-hyeon Seo Pong-su
21st 1990 Cho Hun-hyeon Lee Changho
22nd 1991 Lee Changho Cho Hun-hyeon
23rd 1992 Lee Changho Yang Chae-ho
24th 1993 Lee Changho Yu Ch'ang-hyeok
25th 1994 Lee Changho Im Seon-keun
26th 1995 Lee Changho Yang Chae-ho
27th 1996 Lee Changho Ch'oe Myeong-hun
28th 1997 Cho Hun-hyeon Lee Changho
29th 1998 Lee Changho Cho Hun-hyeon
30th 1999 Lee Changho Ch'oe Myeong-hun
31st 2000 Lee Changho Cho Hun-hyeon
32nd 2001 Lee Changho Yu Ch'ang-hyeok
33rd 2002 Lee Changho An Choyeong
34th 2003 Lee Changho Cho Hun-hyeon
35th 2007 Lee Sedol Cho Hanseung
36th 2008 Lee Sedol Kang Dongyun
37th 2009 Lee Changho Won Sungjin
38th 2010 Park Yeonghun Won Sungjin
39th 2011 Park Yeonghun Baek Hongsuk
40th 2012 Lee Sedol Baek Hongsuk
41st 2013 Choi Cheolhan Lee Sedol
42nd 2014 Pak Yeong-hun Lee Donghoon
43nd 2015 Lee Sedol Park Jung Hwan
44th 2021 Shin Jinseo Byun Sangil
45th 2022 Shin Minjun Shin Jinseo
46th 2023 Shin Jinseo Byun Sangil

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