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TnG: Its "look and feel" is so much like WinMGT, that I have to wonder if it's not basically the same program? I like it a lot.

Pront: MultiGo is independently developed by me, although it borrowed some UI design from WinMGT in the early stage.

  • axd: about Hikaru79's request for better white stones: I think cGoban's "flat view" (with the unrendered stones) is a good example of how to present unrendered stones. MultiGo's unrendered stones need a thicker border, and more anti-aliasing.
  • Pront: The next version (3.9) will have more stone types to choose, "flat" antialiased stones are one of them. You can even specify a material bitmap and MultiGo can automatically generate some random stones out it. With a good "shell" material, it could generate CGoban clam-shell stones. Although I am still looking for such a material...

axd: did anyone try Multigo in wine?

RueLue: I just did it and it seems to work (it's wine 1.2.2, Ubuntu). While in Windows it is enormous fast loading, in wine it takes some seconds until you can use it. I don't know which gnugo I should use for play (exe? ELF?), but there are enough other GUIs for gnugo. The icons in the tool bar have a magenta background. Just a short test: "video" recording works, but there is no audio - I will do the test later in Windows again.

RueLue: Is there an easy way to set up handicap games?

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