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This is a sort of wishlist for MultiGo. Feel free to add you wishes or bug reports here. The author of MultiGo may change/comment your suggestion.

Note: the mailing list does not seem to be very alive any more, and it is not certain whether the author is still interested in this kind of comments...

Table of contents


  • an "expert mode" should allow to move branches up/down even when in Game Comment mode
  • "stretch" current branch to become main branch (recursive Up commands to move current branch to main)
  • export the current board as a single [ext] setup node (to create examples, to avoid the viewer having to go to a specific move in the middle of a game if something needs to be shown there). Alternative: provide a "convert to setup" command that compacts all nodes from the root node up to the current one into a setup node; nodes past the current one remain untouched.
  • Try and Tutor modes should be reachable at any moment (currently it is not possible to go Try mode while in Tutor mode)
  • Easy setup of parameters of the next game, all in one window: size, handicap, komi, time, ...

Game Viewing

  • (super-)ko indication
  • tree view can show the node name as well as the presence of comments in the node. indications for both should be shown if both exist at the same time (now, the node name presence takes precedence over the comment presence). maybe use a comma to separate multiple properties in a node, rather than a space.
  • (minor) add a fourth button that randomly toggles the rotate/flip buttons.
  • option: position stones in slightly random way (suggestion: user option defines the number of pixels stones can deviate from the centre; default=0)
  • manage game trees (SGF files allow to store several games in one file)
  • find a way to present overlapping markers and branch numbers (now, apparently markers have priority over branch numbers)
  • support for game trees (multiple games in one SGF file)
  • branch tip shows "Black next:", "White next:", rather than "Following branches:".
  • add option to view sibling nodes as ghost nodes.


  • menu command + keyboard shortcut for "visit variant branch first"
  • (nice-to-have) user settable option to always jump to last move when opening unfinished games (useful on turn-based servers), where unfinished games are defined as games without a game result field (buggy, as lots of finished games have no result field, so if anyone has a better criterion, welcome).


Video Recording

  • It would be fine to be able to add a (small) picture of the recorder/teacher (and display it when playing back)
  • An audio setup in the program, similar to that in CGoban, would be really good.

User Settings

  • before (re)assigning keyboard shortcuts, report conflicts (shortcut already in use)
  • command to save settings


  • counting
    • counting is painful as long as the game has not ended: counting should allow to add or remove (make prisoners) stones, to help in manual score estimation while a game is still ongoing.
    • option to use GnuGo score guessing
    • it must be possible to (un)mark unoccupied areas as neutral (Workaround: fill in neutral points before counting)
    • store counting (territory) information in SGF file (TW[]/TB[])
  • value of positions
    • possibility to let the user assign a (float/real) value to any node (not only leaf nodes) of a branches/variations (SGF V[] property)
    • branch tips would show this value
    • a minimax function (see also GameTheoryInterface) might optionally propagate/select the best values back upwards (what about a sibling missing a value?) (and see also [ext] maybe a [ext] NegaMax function is more appropriate, seen the fact that a postion can be quantified with a positive/negativefvalue.
    • command to re-order branches using a minimax algorithm that uses the values of branches if available: the main (sub)branch would represent the most probable outcome. maybe it is better to be able to apply the command downward from a node (rather than upward to the main branch), to avoid touching the main branch of a completed game.
  • sound
    • This is really a very small thing : In Many Faces of Go they use 2 different sounds for black and white stones. It is a very sweet touch.

Past Requests

  • when navigating back to the main branch, it must be possible to navigate forward to the current branch (instead of systematically selecting the first - or second - branch in each encountered node)

--In 4.2 moving forward/backward is consistent.

  • skipping to next/previous node containing
    • marker(s)
    • variations
    • named node
    • the general idea is to be able to move forward/back to "interesting" nodes (containing comments, variations, markers).

--In 4.2, this can be achieved using the general "Search/Find" feature.

  • darkening the border of the white stones just a bit; I use MultiGo for printing game records very often and my only complaint is that the black stones are MUCH more visible than the faintly-drawn-in white ones. From a distance, it almost looks as if there's no white stones on the board at all, and close up is not much better. I usually have to number my diagrams just so I can tell where white stones are without too much effort ^ ^;;. I'm not much of a programmer, but this doesn't sound like something too hard to implement... Thanks! =) --Hikaru79


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