Miai In The Fuseki Statistical Analysis/ Discussion

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Dieter: This is the statistical analysis of one board position which attempts to illustrate miai in the fuseki. Its singularity and its apparent miailessness make the page titles misleading. I'd change both into something including "example 1".

This is a follow up statistical analysis of a well known example of miai in the fuseki from a book (also quite well known - at least in Japan) on the subject by Otake, as I mentioned on the original page. Perhaps after you supply examples 2 and 3, we can discuss the structure of a new expanded treatment of the topic. Meanwhile I can't say I am pleased with what you have done. DaveSigaty

Dieter: I didn't do anything. I just made a comment before acting: I haven't since. The reconstruction of the page wasn't my doing.

Dear Librarian: Whatever the merits of moving this material here, without more context it is hard to follow. With perhaps some exceptions, you should assume that each hypertext (Wiki) page is an entry point, and should make sense as such. (If it is not now an entry point, it may become one later.) When you do split off a page like this, include enough context to retain intelligibility. Don't rely upon the original author to do so.



Dieter: I was the librarian, and I didn't do anything. We owe the move to Charles I think.

Charles Yes, it was me. It could obviously do with a diagram being copied from the original page.

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