The Krav style is an amateur Israeli style based on the principles of [ext] Krav Maga, an Israeli military combat technique.

On the theory that one’s turn does not truly end until the opponent can make a sente to which one must respond, Krav style starts by seeking to build strong positions and make large amounts of territory to lure the opponent into attacking. If he does so, one is meant to defend and counter-attack in a chain of sente moves. The signature fuseki of the style is playing directly between the first two corner stones of the opponent on the fourth line. This is intended to smother most moyos the opponent could make.

This approach leads to two sub-styles of play, which respectively incorporate influence- and territory-oriented styles of play.

(2019-01-17 Page content salvaged from Playing Styles and Player Types, where it was added by Yitzak but then removed as unsuitable to that essentially humorous page.)

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