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Fwiffo: Great idea. Can I suggest the following, more wiki-style formatting instead of the ASCII table?

Nils: Sure, done..

Dolgan: Sorry for posting here - I don't know where a more appropriate place would be. Can anyone please set up a pointer on a HowTo? or some documentation on how to write a bot for KGS?

The link on kiseido's Computer Tournament page is outdated...

dnerra: "Just" write a go program, implement GTP and use kgsGtp. :)

solovay The rating bots on KGS won't give me a rated game. I'm 18 kyu AGA but the @#$%^ rating system on KGS has me at 29k?

If the bots would play me that would give a quick way to get my rating corrected.

jfc: If your current rating is 29k and the bot's rating is 13k then KGS will start by showing you taking black, receiving a 16 (or what ever) stone handicap and the game being free.

Have you tried changing the these initial match parameters? It has been my experience that the rating bots will accept most any parameters you select.

solovay Thanks. It won't rate games at 9H but it will at 6H. So this seems to solve my problem.

Sorry about using this a bug report spot -- but the KGS id gnugo had a fit during the scoring phase of a game. All dame was filled, we both passed, then gnugo went into a loop removing one of it's own live groups, and then marking them live, marking them dead, etc. I was able to get out of the loop by pressing UNDO then pass again, that seemed to break gnugo out of it's loop. It played in it's own area a few times (making hard connections), etc, then finally it passed and everything was normal.

If the engine says that the marked black stone is alive and the unmarked one is dead then we get the bug.  
  • wms: This is curious. I checked my code for kgsGtp. It turns out this will happen, if you have two groups both contained by the same eye (of another color), and the engine says one group is dead and the other is alive. This might have been a case where not all the dame were filled, or a real bug in gnugo, not sure which. I should probably change kgsGtp to detect this and do something sensible about it.

The game was jorj (w) vs gnugo on Sept 23, 2004 at 11:16:15 AM (Mountain). (Or perhaps [ext] this Oct 23 game.)

So.. who ever runs the gnugo id might want to review what happened.

Also -- it would be wise for bot owners to put contact info into the description for the id.


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