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Example of honte  

Both moves W1 and B2 are examples of honte.

Bill Spight: I think that W1 is honte, but B2 is korigatachi. How about this?

Example of honte (ii)  

This is a good example of honte; but in the next Diagram 2 the W1 creates some aji.

Dia 2. Some aji if Black 2 tenuki.  

It won't be easy to catch this white group, specially with a little help from some friends. -- Holigor

Bill: Well, B4 at a looks better, eh? ;-)

Let's do tewari on the first example diagram.


After B1, the exchange black+circle/white+circle favors White.

If Black is going to come back and protect at B1, better not play the black+circle keima first.

One-space pincer  

We see the exchange of B1 - W2 when Black has instead made the one-space pincer (black+square stone).

Then Black does not come back to protect.

Holigor: I like this discussion. I am most interested in what happens after joseki. The interest is even bigger taking into account that I managed to kill the black wall in a way similar to Diagram 2 this week :).

Now about the move a in Diagram 2. In a game between Kobayashi Koichi and Cho Chikun in a similar situation, the following thing happened.


This resulted in a furious fight.

Material moved from honte by Charles Matthews; example and comments were by HolIgor.

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