Honinbo Shusaku - Complete Game Collection

Honinbo Shusaku -- Complete Game Collection
series: Complete Game Collection Series
By: 李昴, 李月
Publisher: Chengdu Shidai Publishing, 1 April 2004
ISBN10 7-80548-915-7
1092 pp.

Honinbo Shusaku -- Complete Game Collection is one of the most complete collections of Shusaku's games. 471 game records including his last unfinished game. Hardcover edition of 1092 pages. Published by Chengdu Shidai Publishing under their previous name of 蜀蓉棋艺出版社.

Also from amazon.co.jp, the [ext] Japanese edition


valerio: Book's title, 本因坊秀策全集, is pronounced "Běnyīnfāng Xic Qunj" in Chinese and "Honinbo Shusaku Zenshu" in Japanese. The remaining 471 games of Shusaku are available also in a [ext] collection in SGF format, including some text files (in simplified Chinese, GB2312 encoding). Biographical notes of the main Shusaku's opponents are in separate zip files on the same [ext] site (all the 19 Oshirogos, the Nijubango with Sekiyama Sendayu, the Sanjubango with Ota Yuzo, the games against Honinbo Shuwa, Honinbo Shuho -when is name was Murase Yakichi- and other players like Inoue Shutetsu Inseki, later know as Inoue Setsuzan Inseki, Iwasaki Kenzo, etc.). Further notes on past editions of books on Shusaku's games are in my italian blog [ext] Il Calepino del Go (where is also a second small [ext] post). The cover of a old edition of this book, in six volumes, is on another Italian [ext] blog. I think this book is a good companion of the wonderful masterpiece Invincible, where John Power refers a much smaller number of games played by Shusaku in his career. On GoBase ([ext] here) there is an interesting article on the games discovered after Invincible's publication.

Table of Contents

第一章 天保时期对局(1839~1844年)
第二章 弘化时期对局(1845~1848年)
第三章 嘉永时期对局(1848~1854年)
第四章 安政时期对局(1855~1860年)
第五章 万延时期对局(1860~1861年)
第六章 文久时期对局(1861~1862年)

Sample Material



Would it be possible to supply transliterations of at least Opponent's names? But also Shusaku, who was not always Shusaku in his earlier days? Also, is this book written in Mandarin? Thanks!

valerio: players are Yasuda Torajiro 1 dan (Shusaku) and Tsuchiya Shuwa 7 dan (Honinbo Shuwa). The book is written in Mandarin.

John F. No, Shusaku's name here is Yasuda Eisai.

valerio Right John, Torajiro was previous name of Shusaku.

John F. Well, still no. That implies his previous name was Yasuda Torajiro and it wasn't (nor later). According to the latest data, his names changes are: Kuwahara Torajiro 1829~1835, Yasuda Eisai 1835~1841, Yasuda Shusaku 1841~1848, Kuwahara Shusaku 1848, Honinbo Shusaku 1848~1862. In only 5 games was he known as Kuwahara Shusaku, incidentally.

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