Honibo 1986 title game 2 review with AI


This the 2nd game in the 1986 title match. Black is Takemiya Masaki, White Yamashiro Hiroshi. In the first game, we saw an interesting display of Takemiya's influence oriented strategy with White. With Black, his game is perhaps more straightforward in building a central moyo with which he intends to overcome komi.

Moves 11 to 20  

Up until W14, the opening is fairly traditional. WHite's splitting move at W12 is not often played these days. Likewise for the large knight moves W16 or B17.

Moves 21 to 30  

KataGo wants to press at A instead of B23 - a move which would be worthy of cosmic go. It would also tenuki in response to W24 and invade at B instead or build at C. The latter would look, superficially, more like Takemiya. SimilarlyKG would play B29 at D, which is connecting on a larger scale.

Local result  

B6 at W3

KataGo would probably ignore W1 while there's still stuff going on elsewhere but loally this is what we can expect.

Worse for White  

White should not atari from this side. After B2, A and B are miai and Black comes out well of his tenuki earlier.

Moves 31 to 40  

The first move KG really doesn't seem to like is B37. When White ataris at W38, KG thinks the game is reversed. When B39 allows for a ko, KG puts White firmly ahead by 3.5 points

Corner emphasis  

Keeping the corner territory and squeezing White into small life is better, says KG. Probably Takemiya doesn't like the idea of allowing the atari at A, which will give central influence to White.

no ko  

Although B1 looks submissive, White will likely live in gote with W2 and then Black can take sente to invade at A or press at B, which is more like Takemiya.

Moves 41 to 50  

White ignores Black's ko threat B41, while KG would answer and continue the ko. Black's threat allows him to push through at B49.

Moves 51 to 60  

After the B51-W52 forcing exchange, most amateurs will want to secure the local strength at A. Neither Takemiya nor KataGo are convinced. Takemiya plays B53 to increase central influence. KG would invade at B. Yamashiro doesn't play A right away (as KG suggests) but extends at W56. Now KG would patch up at A but that would allow White to attack Black's stones and get central influence. Probably Takemiya didn't like that, so he fights back at B57.

KataGo gives an insight as to why Takemiya might have been preoccupied with the right side:

right side aji  

If Black patches up at the top, White can activate his stone with W1, which either forces Black to connect clumsily or leaves a problematic cut behind. If B2, then W3 makes miai of another painful peep at A or taking control of the lower side with B.

Moves 61 to 70  

Obviously B69 cares more about the territorial framework than about the marked stones. W70 teases Black again to connect them.

Moves 71 to 80  

With W74 and W76 White reduces from both sides. KG is fully with Yamashiro now, in evaluation and execution. When W80 secures the last corner, KataGo evaluates the game as W+4. White has four corners plus komi. Black's big center doesn't fully make up for that.

According to KataGo, White's main prospects are at A or B. The game goes on to remain close, but White's victory by 2.5 won't be really questioned.

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