Hitting-under tesuji

  Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: EndGame, Tesuji, Go term

Japanese: 下ヅケ (shita-zuke)

A endgame tesuji (Endgame Tesuji 1) used as an alternative to the second-line diagonal move.

Hitting-under tesuji  

B1 is the hitting-under tesuji, often an improvement over the diagonal move of a.

Continuation 1  

If W2, Black draws back with B3. This will be two or more points better for Black, and assuming W4 defends, is also sente, just like the diagonal move.

Continuation 2  

If White counters with the hane inside of W2, B3 cuts, W4 must give atari, then B5 pushes in to what was White's territory--not a good trade for White. However, depending on the position W2 could succeed, and reading it out is a prerequisite for playing this move.

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