Arthur And The Black Knight Play Go

    Keywords: Humour

Nacho: With apologies to Monty Python...

Arthur plays and says:
Arthur: Now, the game is mine!
Black Knight: What? That group is alive!
A: Alive? That eye is false!
BK: No, it isn't.
A: Well, what's that, then? (points at an obviously false eye)
BK: I've had worse
A: You liar!
BK: Come on, you pansy!
Sound of stones hitting the board as the play resumes... Arthur manages to capture a portion of the group and kill the "other" eye...
A: Victory is mine! Thanks for the gam...
BK: Hah! (playing another stone) Come on, then.
A: What? (captures the recently played black stone)
BK: Have at you! (continues playing)
A: Eh. You are indeed brave, Sir Knight, but the game is mine.
BK: Oh, had enough, eh?
A: Look, you stupid bastard. You've got no groups alive.
BK: Yes, I have.
A: Look!
BK: Just a seki. (plays another stone)
A: Look, stop that (captures)
BK: Chicken! (plays) Chickennnn!!!
A: Do I have to actually capture every stone? (plays, captures a big group)
BK: Right. I'll do you for that!
A: You'll what?
BK: Come here! (plays and reduces outside liberties of a white group with two eyes)
A: What are you going to do? Throw the stones at me?
BK: I'm invincible!
A: You're a looney.
BK: The Black Knight always triumphs! Have at you! Come on, then.
Arthur plays and captures the only big black group left on the board.
BK: All right, we'll call it jigo.
A: Thanks for the game. (stands up and walks away)
BK: Oh, I see. Running away! You yellow bastard! Come back here and take what's coming to you! I'll win with a ko fight!

Eratos: LOL!

Drimgere: Awesome!

zazie : very good :-)

IanDavis : your page smells of elderberries and your mother was a hamster

jwaytogo : Ni!!!

Gul: All the above comments!

Brent: haha! brilliant!! The funny thing is, this sounds exactly like the sort of games I played with a student of mine when he was first learning (well, minus the funny banter of course)...

Alex: Well, a beginner can be excused for not understanding that a dead group is dead. The sad thing is that there are plenty of low kyu and dan players on IGS and Cyberoro that play more or less like this.

Anyway, you're missing a critical bit of dialogue:

A: The L group is dead!
BK: 'Tis but undecided!
A: But your leg is off!
BK: You liar!

Bjoern: Rofl tis is just 1337 fUxx0r h3h3 lol wot i've seen in a game soo much time ago. Don't tell me it happens that often, i dont believe that! If I was BK I would have won the game *joking*

Aivonix: Wahahahahahahah. Absolutelly original and very fun :).

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