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unkx80: This discussion page contained the previous discussions. However note that some of the diagrams have five stones in the black chain, while others have only four stones. Since my copy-editing made most of the discussion obselete, I simply moved all of them here. (2005 August 12)

-- contents of page as of 2005 august 12 (start)--

A Cut Threat Clamp is a clamp which threatens a cut.

Cut Threat Clamp 1  

W1 wants to separate black, and damage black's side territory.

What would you do here?

Cut Threat Clamp 1  

B2 is a clamp, and threatens a cut at a, so we can call it a Cut Threat Clamp.

Cut Threat Clamp 1 continued  

If white descends at W1, then B2 is a cut, made strong by a hanging connection

Cut Threat Clamp 1 failure  

In this case, black falls back at B2, and with the double hane of W3, white gets what she wanted.

If W3 was not possible, a would also be good for white.

Cut Threat Clamp 1 failure  

Alex: I agree that the clamp is correct and the hane wrong for Black, but are you sure the double hane is good for White? I don't think White has much here, except aji to work with if she later invades lower down the left side. As White, I would extend at the point of B1.


Bill: Since this position can be reached by this sequence starting with the clamp, if B3 (hane) is an inferior first move, then W4 (two step hane) is also inferior.

Tamsin: Is the Cut Threat Clamp a recognised technique? If it's a neologism, would you mind very much stating so? Thanks.

nachtrabe: Clamp is a "recognized" maek--it is in the books--but I have never heard anyone use the phrase "cut threat clamp" (I have heard "clamp that threatens a cut"). Personally I wouldn't mind seeing the content on this page merged in with clamp.

Fujisawa, in the tesuji dictionary, refers to it as a kosumi-tsuke, noting the necessity of third stone involved in the shape

-- contents of page as of 2005 august 12 (end)--


unkx80: When the Black chain has only four stones, the clamp does not work either. White can turn the entire corner into a ko.

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