Mero Csaba

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Mero Csaba (Mérő Csaba) is an Hungarian 6 dan. His EGF rating generally fluctuates between 2600 and 2650, and has peaked as high as 2678, making him one of the strongest European 6 dan players, verging on 7 dan.

Mero studied as an insei with Kobayashi Chizu from 1999 until 2001. In this period, he also played and studied regularly with Hans Pietsch. Mero plays on KGS as "nihil" (aromo), and also offers [ext] teaching.

According to Hungarian naming conventions, his family name (surname, last name) is Mero and his given name (first name) is Csaba. When speaking English he refers to himself as "Csaba Mero" in Western naming order, with the given name first and the family name last.

Csaba has written a book for beginners, called "Go in 24 lessons" (well that's the english translation of the title).

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tderz Is he a relative or coworker of László Mérö? (Laszlo Mero)
A Csaba Mero is thanked in the preface of one of his books (Title = "Moral Calculations - Game Theory, Logic and Human Frailty").

Yes, he is his son :-). (Csaba is László's son.) Actually, the correct spelling is "Mérő" with the funny Hungarian accent, nonexistent in other languages. (So it may not even show up on your screen properly.)

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