Counting Points in Seki

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I was playing against Igowin, when the following situation arose:

Points in seki?  

At the end of the game, the two circle points were marked as black territory. Are these points really considered black's, despite the seki condition? Is it ruleset-dependent?


Bill: Yes, it depends on the rules. I don't know what rules Igowin uses. Typically, you count eye points in seki under area scoring, but not under territory scoring. Under area scoring White also gets a point for the square point.

dr: So I just dug up this reference to Group Tax, which mentions a similar situation. As far as I can tell, in area counting, eyes in seki are treated consistently with eyes in other live groups. But in territory counting, eyes in seki are treated inconsistently with eyes in other live groups: that is, eyes in unconditionally-alive groups are counted, whereas eyes in seki are not. The more I discover these inconsistencies, the more Ing rules appeal to me... Thanks, Bill!

Bill: You're welcome, dr. :-) BTW, my territory rules count eyes in seki.

Robert Pauli: BTW, my territory rules consistently don't count eyes in seki. :-)

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