Cotsen Go Tournament

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Cotsen Go Tournament

The Cotsen Go Tournament is (or was) an annual Go tournament in the Los Angeles area. The tournament is fully sponsored by Eric Cotsen (pronounced like "coat-sun"). It regularly draws over 100 competitors, putting it among the largest Go tournaments in North America. The weekend of the tournament varies, depending on Eric Cotsen's schedule.

There are five rounds over the weekend.

Some of the features of the Cotsen Go Tournament:

  • One-time rating fee is free
  • Youth membership is free
  • Pre-registration includes a free lunch
  • Full refund of entry fee in exchange for pre-registration and playing all five games
  • Partial refund if you didn't pre-register
  • Masseuses attend to the players during their games
  • Professional demonstration game between Mr. Yilun Yang and someone from the Chinese Go Association
  • Awards for top Go clubs
  • Go problems with prizes for those who solved them
  • Lots of prizes

The tournament series is still going on (as of 2012), although the website has changed ([ext]

2012 Cotsen Go Tournament

Close to 200 attendees were reported by the AGA, and 183 players competed ([ext] aga database entry). The tournament was also a qualifier for the first AGA Professionals qualification tournament.

2012 Open Results

1st Calvin Sun
2nd Curtis Tang
3rd Chun-hong Chen
4th Deuk Je Chang
5th Dae Hyuk Ko
6th Joey Hung

2010 Cotsen Go Tournament

The 2010 Cotsen Go Tournament was held on September 18th and 19th at the Los Angeles Center Studios in Los Angeles, California. There were 166 attendees.

2010 Cotsen Open Results

1st Dae Hyuk Ko
2nd Juyong Ko
3rd Deuk Je Chang
4th Curtis Tang
5th Seung Hyun Hong
6th Rui Wang

2009 Cotsen Go Tournament

The Cotsen Go Tournament was held on September 19 and 20, 2009 at the Los Angeles Art Center (cite needed.) in downtown Los Angeles. There were 153 attendees, ranging from 8-dan to 32-kyu.

In the Cotsen Open, the field was really strong. There were five 8-dan, four 7-dan, and nine 6-dan. Players came from as far as British Columbia, Canada to take part in the Open.

Follow [ext] @chayashida on Twitter for news updates from the 2009 tournament.

2009 Cotsen Open Results

1st Jing Yang
2nd Seung Hyun Hong
3rd Curtis Tang
4th Dae Hyuk Ko
5th Juyong Koh
6th Calvin Sun

Results for the entire 2009 Cotsen Go Tournament can be found at [ext]

2008 Cotsen Go Tournament

The 2008 Cotsen Go Tournament was held on September 20th and 21th at the Tom Bradley Hall on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, California. There were 150 attendees.

2008 Cotsen Open Results

1st Bi Jang
2nd Dae Hyuk Ko
3rd Guthrie Price
4th Jennie Shen
5th Juyong Koh
6th Jong In Jeong

2007 Cotsen Open Results

1st Bi Jang
2nd Dae Hyuk Ko
3rd Robert Mateescu
4th Jong In Jeong
5th Jeffrey Lu Wang
6th Calvin Sun

2006 Cotsen Open Results

1st Jong In Jeong
2nd Jie Li
3rd Dae Hyuk Ko
4th Jeffrey Lu Wang
5th Soo Ihl Ha
6th Rui Wang

2002 Tournament

Here is TakeNGive's report of the 2002 Cotsen Go Tournament.

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