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  • [ext] Calendar Club: They have seasonal stores throughout Canada opened from September to January. Check their website and look for stores that sell games. (2014 April)
  • [ext] Chapters: They have an online store and stores throughout Canada, but they sell a limited collection of Go books. (2011 April)
  • [ext] JWEBSHOP was where the Glowing Stone used to get their inventory from. (2014 April)
  • [ext] Mind Games Express: They have stores located in Ontario and British Columbia, and also ship items in Canada, to the US and worldwide. They sell a limited selection of Go sets at high prices. (2014 April)
  • [ext] Snakes and Lattes: Their online shop sells a small Go set and ships to Canada and US. (2014 April)
  • [ext] Strategy Games: They have stores in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto and also ship in Canada, to the US and worldwide. They sell a large selection of Go sets at competitive prices. (RECOMMENDED) (2017 June)

Montreal, Quebec

  • [ext] Strategy Games: They sell a large selection of Go set at competitive prices. (2017 June)
  • [ext] Le Valet d'Coeur: This store has a nice selection of Go equipment. (2012 November)

Ottawa, Ontario

  • [ext] Strategy Games: On Bank, a bit North of Somerset. Decent portable boards (nice stones and full size roll up board in a nylon carry case with strap, $69), a few other boards or sets (pretty basic) and a few Go books. They can order other things, basically anything their larger Montreal or Toronto stores have.
  • Chinatown is along Somerset West. A few stores have go equipment, nothing high-end. About half a block East of Bronson, near the Shanghai restaurant, is one with boards for $17 (as of early 2014).

St. Albert, Alberta

  • [ext] Mission Fun and Games: They have a small selection of glass stones, table boards, bowls, and folding boards as well as retail and travel box sets. (July 2013)

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Toronto, Ontario

English vendors

  • [ext] 401 Games, Toys & Sportscards: Located at 750 Yonge Street (south of Bloor Street), they sell a small Go set and Go bowls. (2019 December)
  • [ext] Game and Hobby Zone: Located at 2 Bloor Street West (in the lower level of Cumberland Terrace accessible from Bloor Subway Station through the Hudson Bay Centre), Game and Hobby Zone has a limited selection of Go sets at higher prices. (2017 December}
  • [ext] Hairy Tarantula Comics & Games: Located at 3456 Yonge Street (north of Lawrence Avenue), sells a small Go set for $25 and Go bowls. (You may need to ask them to dig it out of storage.) (2019 December)
  • [ext] Meeplemart Inc.: Located at 247 Spadina Avenue, basement (south of Dundas Street), they sell a small Go set and Go bowls. (2017 December)
  • [ext] Snakes and Lattes: Located at 600 Bloor Street West, 489 College Street and 45 Eglinton Avenue East, they sell a small Go set. (2017 December)
  • [ext] Strategy Games: Located at 925 Danforth Avenue (west of Donlands Avenue), Strategy Games sells a large selection of Go sets at competitive prices. They even sell chess clocks. They also ship items in Canada, to the US and worldwide. (RECOMMENDED) (2017 December)

Non-English vendors (Chinatown)

  • Chan Sheung Kee Book Company: Located in the heart of Chinatown at 457 Dundas Street West, Chan Sheung Kee sells glass go stones in oblong containers with cheap plastic Go sheets for $9 and go stones in straw basket for $35. They also sell dark Go boards with Chinese chess at various thicknesses for $12 to $38. (2017 December) UPDATE: They still sell the glass (double convex) stones in oblong (flimsy, plastic) containers but now for $15. I didn't see straw basket bowls (but wasn't looking for them). They still sell boards with 19x19 Go on one side and Xiangqi (Chinese chess) on the other, ranging in price from ~$11 Go boards (thin, printed on something like leather or vinyl) to $40 (for 2.5-3cm thick, dark boards featuring both Go and Xiangqi). I got a regular, bamboo board for $38 (alongside glass stones) and was told that was the last one in stock. They had other Chinese games too, like Xiangqi tiles, small portable games, and a couple travel-sized Mahjong sets (for $50-60). Goes without saying, but ask for Weiqi stones/boards. (RECOMMENDED) (March 2019)
  • A&A Department Store: Located across the street from Chinatown Centre at 251 Spadina Avenue, they sell 13x13 and 19x19 magnetic go sets for $8 and $20 respectively. They also sell glass go stones in oblong containers and thin go boards with Chinese chess for $10 each. (2017 December) UPDATE: I couldn't ask if they carry Go equipment because they were closed. (March 2019)
  • Sun Wa Book Store: Located in [ext] Dragon City at 280 Spadina Avenue with both a mall entrance and street entrance, Sun Wa sells go stones in straw baskets for $40. (2017 December)

Non-English vendors (Scarborough)

  • The Best Shop: Located on the second floor of [ext] Pacific Mall at 4300 Steeles Avenue East (at the northeast corner of Steeles Avenue East and Kennedy Road) and located in [ext] Woodside Square at 1571 Sandhurst Circle (at the northwest corner of Finch Avenue East and McCowan? Road) sells glass Go stones and plastic Go stones with cheap plastic Go sheets for $8 and $10 respectively. (RECOMMENDED) (2019 December)
  • Century Department Store: Located downstairs in the the New Century Plaza at 398 Ferrier Street behind the [ext] Metro Square, Century Department Store sells glass Go stones and plastic Go stones with cheap plastic Go sheets for $8 and $10 respectively. (RECOMMENDED) (2019 December)
  • Sup Book Store: Located in the International Gourmet Street plaza behind the No Frills Supermarket at 633 Silver Star Boulevard (at the southwest corner of Steeles Avenue East and Midland Avenue), Sup sells thin Go stones in plastic bowls for $18. The stones come with a cheap plastic Go sheet. They also sell thin Go boards with Chinese chess on the other side for $18. (RECOMMENDED) (2019 December)

Non-English vendors (Other)

  • [ext] Galleria Supermarket: With a location at 7040 Yonge Street (just north of Steeles Avenue), Galleria sells medium-sized folding Go boards with Korean chess on the other side and Go stones in the housewares section. Go stones cost $18 and go boards cost from $9 to $25. (RECOMMENDED) (2017 December)
  • [ext] P.A.T.: With locations in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, the downtown (Toronto) branch at 675 Bloor Street in Koreatown and the Thornhill branch at 7289 Yonge Street (north of Steeles Avenue) at Glen Cameron Road both sell Go stones and medium-sized folding Go boards with Korean chess on the other side in the housewares aisle. Go stones cost $21 and Go boards cost $24. (RECOMMENDED) (2017 December)

United States


  • [ext] will search all major online book retailers for availability and the lowest price on Go books if you can provide the name, author or, preferably, the [ext] ISBN. A total price per book (including estimated shipping and handling) is provided with the search results. If you specify your state, the site will also add any applicable state taxes.
  • [ext] Algorithmic Artisan: Exotic go stones.
  • [ext] - Now a good source of go equipments and books.
  • [ext] Japan - buying directly from Japan seems to be the most economic way to buy Japanese books at the moment. (Note that only shipping to USA by air is available)
  • [ext] Art of Go at CafePress features shirts, mugs, hats, and other items with 3D ray traced Go artwork.
  • [ext] sells beginner and affordable Go equipment, along with exclusive Korean products. (Dead Link)
  • [ext] have a very nice range and do a lot of other Japanese items as well.
  • [ext] Kiseido
  • [ext] Kurokigoishi - Japanese seller who has English website version and ships to N.A.
  • [ext] Mingzhou Oriental Imports
  • [ext] NewCentCo Based in Denver, CO.
  • [ext] Samarkand sells both equipment and books (SL page:Samarkand). This online store is owned by Janice Kim. (Only Wholesale Now)
  • [ext] Shogun's Gallery offers a limited selection selection of antique, Japanese Go equipment. (Dead Link)
  • [ext] Toy and Game Warehouse carries some Go sets.
  • [ext] Yellow Mountain Imports sells Go equipment and slate and shell from Ogawa Goishi. Their best deals are their [ext] auctions on eBay.
  • [ext] Yunnan Arts sells high-end Chinese Go Equipment. Clicking on the "products" link is currently the best way to see the equipment available. (No Go Equipment Currently Listed Anywhere 2018)
  • [ext] Yutopian sells Ing boards and stones as well as regular equipment, books, and software.
  • Many game stores will carry one or more Go sets. (Game stores as in board games; often found in malls. Such as [ext] Wizards of the Coast)

Austin, Texas

  • [ext] Great Hall Games Decent selection of both go books and go equipment, as well as materials for many other games.

Boston Area, Massachusetts

  • [ext] Games People Play (Harvard Sq in Cambridge) Decent selection of both go books and go equipment, as well as materials for many other games.
  • [ext] Leavitt & Peirce (Harvard Sq in Cambridge) Mainly a tobacco/pipe shop, but also has a selection of quality equipment for classic games (go, chess, backgammon, mahjong, etc). Just down the street from Games People Play.
  • [ext] Eureka (Coolidge Corner in Brookline) A shop with a wide variety of puzzles and modern games. Some equipment for Go and other classic games.

Melbourne, Florida

  • There was Japan Go Imports, (, but its website seems to have gone for now.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

San Francisco Bay Area, California

  • [ext] Comicopolis in Santa Cruz carries a basic starter set with a non-folding board.
  • [ext] Games of Berkeley has a considerable selection of books and gear. Their book selection vastly exceeds that of Kinokuniya Bookstore in San Francisco and includes titles from Yutopian and Slate & Shell.
  • [ext] Kinokuniya Bookstores is a place to get Japanese and English Go books; mostly from Kiseido Press. (As of May 2018 their in-store stock in SF was limited to “Winning Go”; SJ had one or two additional titles from Tuttle.) They infrequently stock small magnetic sets. Directions to their San Francisco and San Jose branches are provided on [ext] the Kinokuniya US map page.
  • [ext] Milpitas Square (South Bay/Silicon Valley) has two Chinese bookstores which carry a small inventory of portable magnetic sets, plywood gobans, and stones. Yunzi stones are sometimes sold in the bookstore on the north wing of the mall. Ask for weiqi as the retailers do not refer to the game as Go.
  • [ext] San Francisco Chinatown stores carry portable magnetic and non-magnetic Go sets ranging from about $20 to $40. You can also find sets of [ext] functional single-convex glass Go stones for $4 instead of the regular $20 (about 120 irregular stones of each color - so buy two sets). Inventory and availability varies by shop. Check the stores deeper down the main street to find the best prices on everything.
  • [ext] San Francisco Japantown antique stores will sometimes carry used gobans in the range of about $500.
  • [ext] San Jose Japantown has two shops which carry basic Go equipment (full-sized folding boards, plastic Go stones and goke). Check [ext] Nichi Bei Bussan and Kogura's (No website, call (408)294-3184).

New York City, New York

Kinokuniya Bookstore on 6th Ave. between 41st and 42nd Sts. stocks magnetic travel sets and a small selection of Go books from Tuttle, primarily Winning Go.

The Brooklyn Strategist, located on Court St. between Union and Sackett St. in the borough of Brooklyn, has a few sets with wooden and vinyl boards, as well as stones sold separately.

Syracuse, New York

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