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South Korea

Duo: Try going to emart outlets, under toy section. They have lots of affordable glass stone and plastic Goban. I believe their Baduk Association in Seoul has a shop there. The shopkeeper sells better quality boards, including the rollable Goban. I bought the rollable one under US$50.

BramGo: The shop of the Seoul Baduk Association is rather small. The shopkeeper is very friendly (but only speaks Korean). It's less than 10mē in size, but still there fit a lot of go books in such a small area. If you are lucky, you can spot professional go players passing by. But in all honesty, I can't imagine this to be the best place to buy a go board.


sduff: I might be travelling in China for a few days in the next few months, and while there, thought of buying some Yunzi Weiqi stones. Can anyone tell me good sources to buy such equipment in the Shanghai region, and how much one could expect to pay. Would it be cheaper to buy in Beijing?

Niklaus: I recently bought Yunzi stones at two different places: The first one was a street market in Shijiazhuang, where I live at the moment. I paid RMB 90 for "flat" stones (including bamboo baskets). The second place was the Yunzi factory in Kunming, where I got a set of "japanese style" (round on both sides) stones for RMB 120, the flat ones would have cost RMB 62, iirc. Probably doesn't get any cheaper than that. But coming from a western country (which I assume you do) it's all very cheap anyway, so you shouldn't worry too much about getting the cheapest price. On a side note, it's probably harder to find the japanese style stones than the flat ones, as they are not so popular with the chinese players.

sduff: Many thanks Niklaus. Will I be able to purchase these in any street market, or will I have to look for a weiqi store?

jab: Expect to look at a sports shop (department of a department store). I found my current stones next to the table tennis bats ;) On a side note, the chinese stones are 22.5-23mm, while japanese stones are 22.1mm. So it sometimes might look a little crowded if you mix equipment. There are said to be middle size stones, but even in the WeiQi Association Store they don't really have them. Maybe they mean the japanese style stones, which are 21.5-22mm in diameter.

Pashley I lived in China. Typical Yunzi are readily available in sports dep't of some dep't stores, under 100 RMB, with the woven bowls. Travelling in Yunnan in 2008, I found a better selection. Top--of-the-line were clearer, more uniform green when held to light. I paid 350 RMB (under $50 US at then-current exchange rate, nearer $60 at 2013 rate) for those, including fairly nice wooden bowls (a friend in Canada was quite happy to buy the bowls alone for $40, so the stones in effect cost me nothing) and a wooden carrying case. I put some details on [ext]

mdm: I've bought various Yunzi sets in sports shops for 65-80 RMB. If you don't care much about looks you can get even cheaper ones which have small enclosures that are visible if you hold the stones against light.

Zengarden For books (which are very cheap in China) I would recommend the Shanghai Book Store at No 465 Fuzhou Road. It has an excellent range of books (in Chinese) on life and death, tesujis, biographies of players etc.

Hong Kong


eng60340: Does anyone know where i can get a leather go board in singapore ? My friend once bought his in bras basah but i can't find any shop there that sells leather board. :( (online shops are expensive)

unkx80: You can purchase them from the [ext] Singapore Weiqi Association.

(Bishan CC)
51 Bishan Street 13 #02-01 S(579799)
Tel: 6356 9756
Fax: 6353 3105

eng60340 yup i bought my wooden board there. looking for a leather board now. is there any place to buy weiqi board with legs in spore ? how much ? Singapore Go

unkx80: Scrollable leather boards? I think SWA sells them. =)

eng60340 yes they do! Just bought them. ^^

As for boards with legs, I'm afraid I don't know, sorry.


CountDooku says: There are some people who sell go equipment in Indonesia. Due to the lack of sellers and buyers, the price varies from shop to another.

One of the best way to get to know with the go equipment seller is by visiting the Japan Foundation on Gedung Summit Mas 2, Jalan Jendral Sudirman, Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta) every Friday at 17:00. There are lots of people playing go in Japan Foundation and some of them also sell equipments.

Most of the goban available in Indonesia is the Korean folding table goban.

As an addition, if you're looking for cheap goke (The bowls to hold the stones) in Jakarta, Indonesia, a reccomended place to look for it is a new shopping mall called "Arta Gading". Look for a shop called Daiso inside the mall.

The mentioned shop sell:

-Nice wooden boxes, which can be used as goke (can hold up to 210 2cm korean glass stones. Yes, I counted each stones inside)

-Wood-lookalike-stickers. Buy 4 of them and you can construct a nice goban.

-Fans, if you want to look cool by having a nice fan :P

-Shougi boards and pieces.


Dudzik: I'm going to be staying in Bangalore, India for the next six weeks and I don't know where to find equipment! Does anybody know of any stores in the area that I should try?


From a Facebook post. About 50 pesos to US dollar.

Teppen International Marvin Plaza Building V.A. Rufino St., Legazpi Village, Makati Price: board (P482), stones (P858)

Ha-Neul Mart Grand Emerald Tower Garnet Rd Cor. Ruby Rd. Ortigas Center, San Antonio, Pasig Price: board (P400), stones (P580)

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