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  • [ext] Columbus has a few different go sets (19x19 board with bowls and stones, or 9x9 board with bowls and stones). The sets are of nice quality but not too expensive (pictures on the website). They don't sell go books. Material can be ordered in the web-shop or via mail.
  • The [ext] Austrian Go Federation also sells equipment in the GO7 club.
  • [ext] - sells all for game Go.


  • Brussels: [ext] Marchand
  • Brugge: De krokodil, Sint-Jakobsstraat 47
  • Gent: [ext] De Denksportkampioen, Brusselsesteenweg 485, 9050 Gentbrugge
  • Aalst: De Lieveling, Kattestraat 54
  • Antwerpen: Adriaensen, Cuperusstraat 7-8
  • Leuven: Speelgoed Mertens, Diestsesteenweg 61-63
  • Namur: Maison la Hotte, Rue de Bruxelles 25
  • Mons: Pleine lune, Rue des Fripiers 13
  • Providers in the provinces of Liège, Luxemburg and Limburg are currently unknown with the Belgian Federation. Suggestions welcome - see also [ext]

Czech Republic


  • [ext] Gaimport is a shop in the Helsinki region that sells everything needed to play go, including books about go.


  • Paris: [ext] Variantes, also sells go, chess and other games online. Here there is also a wide range of products.
  • Grenoble: [ext], material and books online. Specializes in go, but also other eastern games like mahjong, shogi, xiang-qi, and others. Also a wide range of material.
  • Paris: [ext] Le Damier de l'Opera, more of a chess store, but also sells some go material. No online store.
  • Paris/Lyon: [ext] Descartes, sells some go material. No online store.
  • Paris(Montreuil): [ext] aucoindujeu, sells some go material.
  • Paris (st Denis) [ext] aobo-shop sells go, chess and other games online.



  • [ext] Mind Go Club is a chain of GO/ Baduk clubs across the country with shop in Rosh Ha'Ayin (not far from Tel Aviv) that sells everything needed to play and study go/ baduk, including GO books GO sets, GO boards, Go bowls, stones and other GO equipment.
  • [ext] Mind Go Club updtes or consult [ext] Mind Go Club Forum Contact: Shavit: +972.54.4500453


  • Schaak- en Go-winkel 'het Paard'(the horse) - Shop in Amsterdam carrying Go sets, programs, and a lot of books. Also has chess stuff and puzzles etcetera. Main website: [ext] It even has a page at Sensei's! There are special websites for go [ext] and [ext]
  • Game shops 'van der Meijden' and 'De Joker' in Utrecht both have a small selection of Go sets. No books though, and no websites either.
  • Book shop 'van der Galie', also in Utrecht, occasionally has a few second-hand Go books (in the basement). Rumor has it that an ex-employee of 'het Paard' works there now and is going to throw some chess books out in favor of Go books :-)
  • The Go Club Utrecht sells the more popular stock of 'het Paard' at a 10% discount. However, you have to be a member...
  • Game shop 'de Wirwar' in Groningen has a small selection of books and boards.
  • [ext] Sells Yunzi's and bamboo/shin-kaya boards. DEAD LINK






Online shops:


  • Barcelona
  • Girona: Wood sets (wooden stones as well) in a toy store by plaça constitució called zeppelin. No go books/glass stones to be found in the city
  • Madrid
    • There is a shop which sells a pretty good set. It's called [ext] Naipe Juegos
    • A few years ago, someone made a list of [ext] boardgames-shops in Madrid, though I can tell you it's a bit outdated
    • Hans: Korean shop in Maestro Guerrero, 6 (Next to Plaza de España) They have Baduk stones and folding boards. They are slighty smaller than the japanese ones, but really affordable. The stones are nice.
    • Extremo Oriente: Chinese food shop in the passage of Plaza de España Parking. They have stones and wooden boards. This two shops appeared in the previous list, and they are still working! (2009)
    • [ext] Juegos de la Antigüedad: They make games in wood very well done.


  • [ext] Sun Ai OCS Stockholm - The Japanese bookstore in Stockholm has a few boards, glass stones, bowls and beginner books for sale.


  • The [ext] Zurich Go Club sells go equipment if you go to their meeting place. They have both books and equipment, including some second hand stuff from the club if you're short of funds. Their collection of books is nice.

United Kingdom


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