Bulky Ten In The Corner


The Bulky ten in the corner is a big empty group without cutting points that still is not territory.

Black can play at any of the 7 marked intersections to live outright with 9 points of territory, but black+circle is best because it leaves either no ko threats or only one tiny one (depending on the rules). ​ White-to-move plays white+circle.

start of main lines

B4 is elsewhere  

B6 is at k or s. ​ (Note that White has already taken gote.)


B8 can be at either of the indicated points  

Reminder: ​ Although _the indicated sequence_ is sente, White took gote to get to the start of this diagram.



Either player can make seki, or throw in for a ko that favors Black.

slightly-safe Ko

B8 is a big ko threat  

If White ignores Black's ko threat, then White plays W9 at circle, which kills Black. ​ If circle is still empty then after Black retakes the ko, Black's followup is capturing W5 to live with 9 points under territory scoring. ​ If White retakes the ko, then Black can back down from it with black+circle. ​ (If Black would do that without having played a ko threat, then Black should not play this line.)

after Black backs down

direct ko for seki  

After Black backs down, the ko's swing becomes 9 points under territory scoring. ​ White wins it with white+circle for a seki in which White captured 1 net Black stone. ​ After black+circle, Black wins it by playing either of the other 2 marked points.

Black takes gote for points


B8 prevents a mannen-ko.

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