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Black fails to connect  

demetria: Here is a different solution which I think works. Playing the point of symetry, black can connnect before white can stop him. Trying to capture B1 doesn't work because it can connect to stronger groups first. After that black needs to take or capture the cutting points. I think this will allow black to successfully make life. I think it's also possible to distract white if black cuts at A, threatening a capture.

Black does not connect  

unkx80: W6 captures the B5 stone. Also, for black cutting at a, white b captures the cutting stone easily.

Black to connect  

ChrisSchack I believe Black can connect by playing at a or c in this situation, as follows (this is the difficult situation):

Black connects  

Note that playing 4 at f leads to the same situation

xela: playing 3 at 5 instead is also interesting (but it doesn't work)

Looks like ko?  
Avoids ko.  
Black to connect continued - 4, 6 at marked stones  

Now if White a Black c, if White b Black d. Each White group is contained and will be captured, and Black connects.

unkx80: A hint: Must White 1 capture the marked Black stone? Can White 1 be played elsewhere?

ChrisSchack Oops, you're right, White 1 at 2, Black either connects the marked stone and loses the stone at a, or doesn't and loses the marked stone, and either one blocks connection. The whole a line fails, then, I think...

If White's stubborn  

Confused: Not capturing may be better for White.

Black to connect continued variation - 3 at marked stone  

White's blocking group could try to run, but the Black position is really too close and strong, as is the edge...

Black to connect variations  

c and f are miai, if d or e then b, and any other points should be simple.

Black to connect  

Dieter: So far for a and c. With this in mind, e will prove not too difficult. And if b is simple to you, you are passing the stage of beginner.

ChrisSchack Same thing as in games, I'm missing the obvious. In this case, that I had NOT dealt with b as I meant to try...

Trying the middle  

Confused: That doesn't work too well for Black either. Playing 3 at a doesn't connect the groups either, although Black may have a better chance of living with both groups.

Not really better for Black  

Failure 1  

Klaus letīs do a summary:

a and b are miai for white to cut. This position can arrise in various order. It proofs, that in the initial Diagramm (see below) a (and c) and e fail.

initial Diagram  

However, f seems to fail too (Bf We, Bb Wa now c and d are miai for white.)

xela: after Bf, Wb also disconnects (and looks to me like a better shape).

1:last idea  

In this diagram I see no solution eather, White will next play a and if this is not possible, switch to b (threatening c or d to cut)

So Black can not connect?????? I always thought, I am not a beginner anymore, but as I can't solve this, I have to reconsider it....

Hikaru79: Actually, you've got the answer. The question was "Can black connect his two groups?" not "How does black connect?" Your conclusion that they cannot connect is correct.


Playing low is useless, White chooses w and continues with a bamboo at x or y (miai again)

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