BQM 543

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I (igoalone) have a question regarding the Orthodox Fuseki. I quite often see this:


This is a good idea as far as kiai goes, but I don't know how to refute this continuation as black.


the shimari feels to cramped and b1 feels useless. W4 at A I also see. Any ideas?

Andy: I would reverse the order of B1 and B3, but this looks fine for black. I would call white+circle clearly premature.

Dieter: W2 should be at B3, B1 should be at B3 too, I think.


White reduces but stays weak, while Black gets territory.


An alternative is B1-W2, but to my feeling this is easy on White

This lower right pattern is discussed in some detail in BQM274

With B1 in place, B3 looks interesting.  

Tapir: I believe the idea to look for a clear "refutation" is generally unhealthy. See being obsessed with punishing. B3 is a common answer after W2, but previously exchanging white+circle for B1 now looks pretty bad.

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