BQM 519

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Moved from 4-4 point low approach, two-space high pincer, without side stone.

Jump out & san-san  

How should Black answer W5 ? (This used to be a joseki variation of the already unpopular catenaccio joseki.


B4 seems to be overconcentrated White doesn't get many points.

White a : Black plays b and cuts White. White lives in the corner in gote.
White b : White connects in gote. AJP: better for white to connect at c instead.


unkx80: I think Black should consider cutting the White stones apart first.


I got trouble in a game with this... how should Black play ?


Kogo's variation

Anonymous: A Japanese 6-dan told me : Tenuki after W1.

Charles Black's tenuki after W2 I can believe.

Bill: I wonder about the Japanese 6-dan's comment. Maybe there was no white+circle stone in the position discussed. It is urgent here to attack rather than be attacked, it seems to me.

Bill: (A little later.) I did a search on GoBase. White's 3-3 invasion has occurred in very few games, as you might have guessed. When it has, Kogo's variation is typical, but without W5. (White plays tenuki instead.) Also, White often plays tenuki after B2.

unkx80: A likely reason why this "joseki" is rarely played out is because the one-space jump followed by the 3-3 invasion is not really following the flow in most cases - the feeling is that White wants to make moves both outside and inside the corner, which appears somewhat greedy. (Compared to the usual joseki where White directly enters the 3-3, White sacrifices the outside for a fairly large corner.) This results in a smaller corner, while the outside stones are somewhat heavy and subject to attack.


unkx80: If you must play on the left side, then B2 is a much thicker reply. a is way too thin.

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