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18-19k reaction  

rokirovka: I played this joseki twice as White recently at the 18-19k level, and both times Black reacted with B2. I transposed to hane at the head of two stones with W3, Black played hane with B4, and I stretched with W5, happy to let Black push along the 5th line as I push along the 4th line. Is this the correct play for White?

From here the two games developed in very different directions. In the first game Black backed off and played at a, I extended to b, Black replied at c, and I played elsewhere.

MrTenuki: B2 is usually a mistake. According to the Haeng-ma Tutorial For Beginners, B2 is what Koreans would call a Ja Choong Soo (literally, "self filling-up move"), a bad move that reduces liberties. Assuming that there are no other stones around, your W3 and W5 should be sufficient.


The second game was more complicated. Black pushed with B1, I stretched again with W2, then Black played the challenging B3. I tried to pincer him with W4, he stretched out with B5, and I followed him with W6, cutting off his stones to the left. The point of W10 was to jump out with my group and not get hemmed in.


With W4 I continued the plan of leading my group out into the center, and W8 essentially ensured the completion of the plan, for better or worse.

BobWhoosta: White is definitely better in this diagram. The black formation on the left is ALMOST settled, but makes absolutely nothing for black because of the white+circle stone. The white stone on the top is very light, but perfectly placed for disrupting the string of eyeless black+circle stones, which should come under attack. White a is sente, and very large, and white basically has living stones extending into the center. Well done!!

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