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Tapir: If one has a group in double ko life - should one - and when should one resolve the ko (for not giving unlimited ko threats)? How does it affect the later game? Related question: How much are infinite 20 / 30 / 50 point threats worth? How do you play with it? (E.g. after large avalanche)

The double ko gives both players infinitely many threats that are equal to the life of the group. Therefore, if another ko forms which is not large enough to be worth giving up the group in order to win, but still big enough to decide the game, the game ends in no result. Otherwise the ko is ignored and the winning player wins by an ambiguous amount (i.e. "white wins by 3.5 or 17.5 points"). ~srn347

BobWhoosta: I'm not sure if the game ends in a no result. Rather, wouldn't it occur that the player who is defending the double ko would lose the game?

For example, let's say white has a group captured in double ko. This gives black infinite ko threats, but white has- let's say- a 25 point group captured.

Now black is able to stir up a 15 point ko. If he wins either ko, he wins the game. Doesn't this in effect create a "double ko" situation for black? Of course it depends on how heavy the direct ko is for black.

All in all, I think the situation won't necessarily bring about a no result, and in most situations if the direct ko decides the game, the one defending the double ko will lose.

Am I mistaken?

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