BQM 464

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How to handle a framework around komoku?  

Andy: The entire book KeshiAndUchikomi is dedicated to how to handle komoku-based enclosures. It's a good read.

xela: Yes, but this isn't an enclosure, and I don't think you'll find it in that book. Normally white would play around a before jumping to white+square.

tapir: I simplified a bit from the real game, it wasn't 9-3 and 9-5 but similar strength, say the strength evolved naturally :)

Tapir tries to handle... (played in blitz)  
Tapir tries to handle... II (played in blitz)  

tapir: I feel white didn't handle this correctly, say I was happy after B13. W10 looks most dubious.

Tapir's plan (trying for light play)  

Bill: I am more at home making frameworks than invading them, but here are some thoughts.

Invasion cum pincer  

Bill: In general, I think that the best invasions combine the invasion with a pincer. B1 pincers white+circle and looks at "a".


Bill: Starting with an approach may work, considering that if White extends to the right, White will have an open skirt there. Still, I like the first plan better.

Tapir's plan (trying for light play)  

Bill: I do not feel that this puts enough pressure on the white+circle stone. I would rather see B11 at "a".


Bill: B7 here looks stronger to me than the osaekomi? in the actual game.


Bill: But really, Black has several ways to play the corner. So my inclination would be to leave it as is and play B5 first.

tapir: Wow.

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