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See 44PointLowApproachInvasionBlockSideFormation.

19x19 diagram  

kb: AFAIK there is no discussion on Sensei's about this invasion white+circle - I will create a page with the joseki on it later. However, there's a lot of trick moves played at the amateur level here, namely this B1 - I don't find it in many pro games. Let's use this BQM page to open up discussion about it. (The White stone on the right could also be at a - this is relevant in some continuations.)

Herman: There is the material on three-space extension invasions, but I had a hard time finding it :-(

Anonymous: This is a fighting move, but right here it's too easy for white to settle. Usually players play one point to the left of B1 to keep their stones connected and their shape strong. For reference I will give the usual variation.

19x19 diagram  

Anonymous: Now black can continue with either 'a' or 'b'.

Bill: A GoBase search found these variations (but not the one above).

Variation 1  
Variation 2  

Anonymous: Right, the lower one is almost the same as 'a'. The upper one looks interesting. Maybe there's a slight difference: the upper-left result is now of the 3-3 joseki. This type of invasion also occurs in the kobayashi fuseki. Anyway, just by playing natural moves you can never go wrong in joseki.

Bill: Ah, but what is natural? ;)

Kobayashi result  
19x19 diagram  

Anonymous: But for your question, the first move that comes to mind is this W2. Now white will find no troubles settling his shape and black will be relatively thin and weak on the outside. I guess playing 'a' first might be feasible on some situations. Even 'b' if white wants to force some variation. In fact, after black's move, one could consider tenuki'ing because the exchange of white+circle-B1 already looks a bit damaging to my eyes. (How can black add another move here that would remove all the aji?) Of course, we would need to see the whole board to find out the correct tactic.

Btw. In this situation, why does black feel the need to attack white+circle? Black can just play B1 at W2.

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