BQM 435

    Keywords: Life & Death, Question

Qustion moved from Bent four in the corner

White tries to escape  

AKeshi: Doesn't W1 at the circled point lead to unconditional life for white group?

         I can't see any way black could prevent life beyond that point. What am I missing here?

fractic: W1 is a ko-threat at best. B2 stops white cold leaving her with only the option to fight the ko with W3.

Escape follow-up  

AKeshi?: True, this resulting shape is rather poor for white, as it takes the underdog position in local scope. However, regardless if black plays B1 or tenuki, the argument of being able to prevent unconditional life from above should be dismissed as it is not correct. Black cannot prevent life, but can initiate a ko. Or?

unkx80: Apparently you do not fully understand tsumego conventions. Also, B1 could be used to find a ko-threat elsewhere, assuming one exists, and typically one will exist.

AKeshi?: My mistake then. If deemed necessary my entries here may be removed. However, they might also be beneficial should someone else ponder the same.

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