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fernobob:Recently in a handicap game as black I was faced with this joseki variant. I considered responding at a, but this seemed a little slow and could cause my corner to become enclosed. In the end I responded at b, intending to split the white groups apart, but as this resulted in my corner dying, I suspect it was not the best move. What should I do here?

Joseki Variant  
Joseki Variant  

unkx80: You can consider B7. It makes miai of attacking W2 and W4 as well as W6, especially if the W6 stone is unsupported?.

Dieter See also the fundamental relationship between kosumi and keima in Haengma tutorial for beginners

Various options  

Bill: Black has various options, including a to f. A lot depends upon the rest of the board, but Black can play at a or b to keep the White stones separated and attack both at once. He can also play at c,d, or f to secure the corner and attack the base of W2 at the same time; these plays also prepare to attack both White formations. c and f threaten g. e attacks Black's larger group, and White's stones are still not connected. However, e can lead to more complications than the other plays.

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