BQM 365

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Black's top influence  

Dieter: From a recent game of mine. After gobase analysis, I found out that W8 is a natural place to counter Black's top influence.

Double approach joseki  

Instead I approached at W1, but Black's B2 extension makes a nice moyo, which is difficult to invade. I thought B8 is bad and should be at a, to prevent White's development on the fourth line and I still think so, but I didn't find support by gobase analysis, where both moves are about as frequent.

The moyo  

Somehow I omitted a which proved to be a fortunate decision later.

Other double approach joseki  

We analyzed the other joseki choice

The moyo  

Let's play a few moves on the right. The crux of this BQM is W6. I thought it was better than a, because that move was pincered in the game (with different conditions on the right side).

And now?  

I think W2 is urgent. Our analysis of Black's attack at a proved it to be devastating and moreover, White b would be a strong follow-up of W2 if B3 elsewhere. After W6 White seems to have a good opening but I can't see a definite advantage.

Any comments?

The fight  

Slarty: If Black isn't content with that opening, how about going on the attack with B1.

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