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Calvin: Here is how the game started. B7 is uncommon, but I don't see anything specifically wrong with it. At this point, I expected black to play at a, after which I would extend on the left side, which would return to a common 5-4 point joseki.

Actual game  

Calvin: However, black played B1, which I consider bad. I thought a bit before playing the intuitive move W2. (I also considered W2 at B3 and B7, but what I read didn't seem favorable for white.) B3 seems to make black kind of thin, and I think W4 may be a mistake. I'm not sure white got the best result here. It is true that black+circle now seems to be in an odd location, but it is also not easy for me to find a good place for W8. (Maybe at a?)

Bill: W4 looks good to me. But I would have played W6 at B7, myself. And, yes, I like W8 at a. :-))


Calvin: In my self-review, I considered that W4 might be better. Even if black gets ahead with B5, white lives easily in the corner and preserves the aji of a. If B5 at W6, W6 at B5 and I think white's okay. But it's also gote. But this is a kyu judgement, which is why I ask the question.


Bill: Generally, the move to make black+circle look bad is W1, to see the exchange, black+circle - white+circle, as merely strengthening White. But what if B2 cuts?


Bill: How about this? White gives up the corner and attacks the black+circle stone.


Bill: If B4, White can simply make thickness, leaving the aji of W3 behind.

Hanging connection  

Bill: Your connection was fine, but I would have preferred W2. I doubt if Black has anything better than B3, although it is an admission that B1 was bad.


Bill: Black would like to play the nobi at B3, but W4 is awkward for him.

Hanging connection  

Bill: Hmmm. If Black reverts to B3, even though it is an admission that B1 was not good, I think that the connection at a or b is better than W2.

Mingjiu's idea - the 2-2 is big for territory  

Calvin: Thanks for your comments, Bill. It's good be able see these alternate plans. I was fourtunate enough to get at ask Mingjiu Jiang 7p this question, and he said that it is very big for white to take W1 immediately. (Of course, as is his teaching style, he isn't going to mention what happens if black cuts at a if don't ask, and since I didn't I'll have to look in that myself. But since white has the option of capturing black+circle now, it seems safe enough.)

Bill: Thanks, Calvin. I am confident that Black's nobi at W1 is not a good response to White's tachi, and so I still think it's another way to play. However, Mingjiu's block makes me wonder about whether the threat of W4 in the Awkward diagram is good enough to prevent the nobi (B3 in that diagram).

Assuming that Black connects after W1 in this diagram, what is Mingjiu's follow-up for White?

Calvin: Also...

Bad shape for black  

Calvin: If black had protected at B1, black+circle makes a shape that is not desirable. One would rather have black+circle at a. So this result is good for white, too.

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