BQM 269

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If Black tries to block.  

From a game between a 3k and 4k on KGS.

Following W7, Black is dead.

HermanHiddema: Terrible result, of course


Black lives, but having played 15 stones, he has gained 4 points of territory and is completely sealed into the corner. Perhaps better to die than to live this way.

HermanHiddema: B2 should be at a to prevent white from connecting under. If white defends at b, black plays at B2 and loses nothing. If white starts the ko, black takes first and can always fall back to B2 after white retakes. White doesn't need to play W5 in this diagram, playing W5 at B6 kills the black group. Therefore, B4 should be at B6.

1 - 10  

HermanHiddema: B6 is a mistake, it should be at W7. After W9 black is sealed in.

Velobici: Then this might be an example of two kyu level mistakes: joseki moves mistakenly transposed one line and not taking into account stones on the board (W3) that are absent in the joseki. In other words, were B2 at the corner star point, B4 and B6 would start the attach and block joseki. In that joseki W3 is not present and Black plays a after W9.

Andy: I also agree that B6 should be at W7. Black won't go far wrong if he remembers that it is almost never favourable (when starting from a mostly even position) to make life in the corner at the expense of getting shut out of the rest of the board. That being said, B6 in the diagram, if it's going to be played, has to be played with the intention of creating cutting points in the white shape. After white properly forces with W7 giving black bad shape and then covers one of the cutting points with W9, black must cut immediately at the remaining cutting point x. Black's group is alive in the corner, so he can (and should) fight in the center very aggressively. Black can look forward to a pincering attack on whichever side white doesn't defend (since she can't defend both at the same time). It looks to me like whatever happens that W3 is going to wind up feeling misplaced giving black a larger corner than he deserves and giving white an inefficient shape on the left.

11 - 20  

HermanHiddema: W1 is risky, If black plays B2 at W9 he may still escape his confinement. White could play a to simply make shape or play at B2 to force black to walk on the second line.

21 - 27  

HermanHiddema: B2 should be at W5 to create cutting points, now you've only put a weak stone to close to a strong white formation. W7 is a little strange, playing a is sufficient.

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