BQM 268

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I was at a Go Club in Kunming (China) today, when the following happened to my friend, playing White:



After that the game continued like this. W9 was a big mistake because the ladder at A works, which is disastrous for White.

W9 is obviously not the right move, but I couldn't find any alternatives that turn out really well for White.
I looked up B5, from the original diagram, in the joseki dictionary on my Palm, where it is marked as a trick play, but no moves are given as how to answer it correctly.

Any good ideas from the Senseis crowd as to why that move is bad/not seen very often?

From Kogo's  

There are three continuations. c is labeled as a mistake.

See 3-4 point high approach two-space high pincer ogeima bump for discussion of the "bump"

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