BQM 236

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The result of this invasion felt unsatisfactory for Black.

To put it simply, I got spanked by this twice at go club last week. This week I would like to show that I learned something and not get spanked again ;)

B8 tenuki  

Looking at this, it occurs to me that I should have played this sequence in the corner first. How would this affect the invasion?

Bill: Yes, Black's position is much better in the second diagram. In the first diagram the black+circle stones look a bit heavy, and in the second Black can exploit the weakness of white+circle.

Please show the whole board and your continuation in the game. Thanks. :-)

Velobici: I wish I could show the whole board and continuation. Unfortunately, I dont remember the games. Both were played at the go club that I attend on Sunday evenings. Had it been on a go server, I would gladly provide the SGF file.

Bill, could you show one or two ways to exploit the weakness of white+circle?

Bill: Ba. Normally that will be sente. Usually it is not worth playing, but if Black is in trouble....

Charles Matthews By the way, Black left an incomplete formation.

(See the /Discussion page for Charles's point about the Invasion diagram.)

Velobici: Given correct play by Black, as in the digrams "B8 tenuki" or "Shape point", how should Black handle the White invasion on the third line shown in both digrams: "Invasion" and "B8 tenuki" ?

Bill: Velobici, I see that nobody has posted an answer yet. I showed this to a U. S. 5-dan the other night, and we discussed it a little. Afterwards I said, "Aren't 5-dans supposed to know this kind of thing?" ;-)

Well, I cannot provide a definitive answer, but you need some help. So let me give my immediate reactions.

Deep invasion  

My first imression is that W1 is a mistake. Black is too strong on the left for an invasion this deep. Normally I would expect something like the standard keshi with the shoulder strike at a.

My plan is simple. Enclose W1. White can probably live, but at the cost of playing at b, which loses the big cut at c, and giving me a strong wall to work with the rest of Black's moyo.


The kosumi, B1, is my first thought. B4 may be better, but I know B1 is solid and will lead to a strong wall. Also, attachments tend to lead to more variations. I have an advantage; I want to keep it simple.

I suspect that W2 would be better at a, but that would not be consistent with the invasion. White plays W2 before W4 - W8, because later Black might not respond at B3. W4 - B9 is a standard sequence.

Small life  

It looks like White can live with W1 - W3. This looks pretty bad for White.

There are still some sticky questions. How strong is White's threat at a? Should Black continue now with Bb - Wc? That strengthens Black on the left but loses territory on the right.

The answers, I think, lie with the rest of the board, which we cannot see.

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