BQM 217

    Keywords: EndGame, Tactics, Problem, Question

The following diagram comes from a game I was asked to discuss for the GTL. Where would you, not being caught up in the sequence of moves, play in this position ? Dieter

Large-scale life-and-death  

Charles Am I Black or White? It might depend ...

White is clearly alive  

If it's White to play, it looks like White needs to make a big group live with 1 here. That's one eye, and there are two half eyes in this group.

Black steals the eye  

Black 1 here might kill White. I'd be somewhat concerned as Black, though.

Black in trouble?  

Isn't White 6 now a serious attempt to kill the corner?

Holding the corner together  

Is this the envisaged sequence, after White plays the marked stone? Now Black a does live.

Dieter: White to play. I didn't think of the aggressive attack Black has but I agree that the status of White's group is uncertain if not unsettled. The only Black group showing a weakness is the lower left corner. Therefore I thought that the marked white stone in your last diagram occupies a vital spot for both and thus must be the biggest point on the board.

Large-scale life-and-death  

But maybe it is not very attractive ...

Large-scale life-and-death  

Charles Is that sequence right? Did Black play the marked stone to steal an eye? Obviously Black 2 here is wrong; so White is now alive after 1. That means Black's throw-in is wrong technique.

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