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White's ideas  

Charles One of the key ideas in this position might be W1 here. White should get something from this, if only covering the weak point at a.

Reply 1  

After B2, W3: Black at b might lose the corner; Black at c allows White to close off the side neatly.

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I think this is still interesting for White.

White's ideas  

Probably B2 here is safest; but then White has an option on W3 and W5, and also some aji at B3.

The previous lines show that W1 above has some interest as a probe. What is White's big plan?

White's ideas  

There is some possible central territory associated with White at the circle or square points. There is a tricky question, whether W1 will be kikashi (see /Lower right for issues).

Overall, I don't really know. White has some good plays, and the positional judgement seems to be on White's side. The business on the lower side appears to be urgent.

Try the complex variation.

White's ideas  

W1 is intended to settle the lower right, by hook or by crook. Black resists, and it seems that B10 will take sente. (Yes, I know, W7 one line to the left might be lighter shape.)

Now White will take a loss in the lower left; but the centre has already become more interesting for White. It looks perhaps as if White should probe upper right before this.

Wow! I don't think this is an easy position. Notice though that all the action is away from the face-off of thick formations.


This one line shows that it is far from straightforward. After B4/W5 and up to W9 Black isn't yet alive. But B8 could be one line higher making ko! And does Black have options to trade?

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