BQM 187

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Tactics, Question

Chris Hayashida: I was playing a nine-stone teaching game, and I ended up with this situation in the lower right. I was already way ahead. I was trying to teach how to kill an invasion by taking away the eyespace from the outside, and I realized that the corner invasion got much more complicated that I had previously thought. It looks like it could live, and I wasn't ready to go through the variations with a beginner and confuse the issue.

Can this live?  

I think, it can do...  

In my reading ... White can live by playing these moves. But I'm not sure if these moves are best way to live.

Can this live?  

unkx80: Can this live? bud1027: No.

How about this?  

Bill: How about this?

I have played around with it a little bit, and think that maybe White can get a ko. Difficult, though. ;-)

Ko (i)  

Ko (ii)  

For instance. :-)

Connect outside  

dnerra This seems better than ko:


Bill: Oiotoshi, I think.

Chris Hayashida: I'm glad to see that this position merited further study. It was deeper than I could read offhand, and definitely deeper than I wanted to go through with a beginner (since it would take away from the "thesis" of the lesson, to connect together.) Thank you all for your comments.

Black blocks  

Bill: But wait! There's more! If B6, now W7.

Ko #2  

B1 is one approach. W2 offers a ko.

The ko can also arise by B3 - W2, B1 - W4.

Ko declined  

If B1 declines the ko, W2 saves the day, making two eyes.

No kill  

W10 at W5.

B1 holds White to one eye here. W2 makes a snapback. Then Black may try B3 - B9 to make the second eye false, but W10 prevails.

Key point?  

From the above, B1 looks like a key point. But after B3, W4 threatens to connect underneath. If B5 prevents that, W6 offers the ko.

Key point? (cont)  

W10 at W5.

If B1 declines the ko, W2 lives. If B7 at B8, White captures and still lives.

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