BQM 185

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Joseki, Question
What should I do?  

Chris Hayashida: I started with the Chinese Opening, and when White approached at W1 I pincered with B2. White then played W3 and started the nadare when I answered at B4.

Game continuation  

Chris Hayashida: This is what happened in the game. It was a complete disaster. The post-mortem shows that B5 was a mistake, as the ladder starting at a is broken by the marked white stone.

The group with B7 and B9 ended up being a nakade, killing the group at the end of the game. Figures from kyu play, huh? :)

What should I do?  

Chris Hayashida: So the question is, what should I do now? a doesn't seem to work. What about b or c? d seems to lose sente.

I need to end in sente, so that I can extend to e.

It seems like I can get a good result, as White's marked stone will be too close to his wall.


Solid connection  

I like the solid connection, B1. It restricts White's options. As you point out, white+circle is ill placed. You don't get sente, but after W6 you can treat black+circle lightly and tenuki, I think. (Although B7 looks pretty good. ;-))

Sente not likely.  

unkx80: Since you pincered with B2 after W1 is played, theoretically it is possible for White to play W3. If you treat the series of moves after W2 as a series of Black-White-Black-White exchanges, then you should not expect to get sente to play at a. As one of my lecturers like to say, there is no free lunch.

Chris Hayashida: I didn't really think about it until White had already committed to the avalanche. If White pincers with W3, Black might get 'b''. I can't tell who this favors, though. Is this bad for Black?

Magic sword-ish  

Chris Hayashida: I asked at the club, and one of the 7-dan there also mentioned that I could play a magic sword-ish joseki. I seem to remember that White traded a for b, but I'm not sure that it's necessary. I don't know this joseki well enough to know if B10 can be at c. This seems like it might be a good result for Black.

Charles B6 can be tsukehiki here.

Bill: You mean hiki (d)? Charles Well, yes, B4+B6 can be tsukehiki rather than tsukenobi.

But I think White went wrong earlier.

Light play pattern  

This looks like a time to play W1 and W3, for light shape. The nadare when both the black+square stones are there - I don't think so.

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