BQM 149

    Keywords: Life & Death, Question

In-game life and death query

Catching the corner  

Rich: In a game last night, I managed to play white+circle in sente; my opponent thought a group that big (10-12 pts) must be able to live - until I played W1.

Did black have a chance at this point? We played it out and couldn't see anything; is 1 also the vital point for black?

Black dies  

Hans: Black seems to die. The only chance for black is to connect at a instead of B2 and put all his hopes on a seki.


Hans: May be this is a seki. Later I may have more time to examine this.

Rich: Interesting position; I keep coming up with death by rabbit, though...

Shortage of liberties  

Dave: This W3, W5 is conceptually incorrect I think. After B6 White is short of liberties. Black has time to live at a.


Dave: Instead does simply W3 kill Black?

What now?  

Dave: But what happens after this B2? Rich: I'm currently looking through variations of 'a' or 'b'; maybe a ko?

f3etoiles No, this dies too :

The continuation  

unkx80: However, it is not known what happens when Black plays at a...

What now?  

Dieter: Here Black dies either by being cut or rabbity six. But if B4 at a he lives. I keep reading.

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