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Klaus: I know two local "joseki" sequences when White tries to stabilise his stone by using a cross cut. But what about the third diagram? What is White going to do about that?

Maybe joseki  

DJ: Where is W8 here??!? Klaus: Mistake removed

May be joseki too ...  

Now White has to answer Black a at b, so Black keeps sente.

What now?  

Klaus: Maybe this is the reason, why I cannot give 6 or more stones handicap! I just do't know how to punish that stuff.

Try this?  

unkx80: I am not too sure. How is this?

DJ: Is this a handicap game? Black can now squeeze White in the corner by playing a, but then wouldn't the black+circle stones be just useless?

Try this?  

Dieter: One has to think about using the marked stones effectively. Unfortunately for Black, White can escape in this position. So ...

Try this?  

... up to B8 can be effective. Black keeps the corner and his influence towards center and top.


Another option for Black is to hane from the other side and have White cross-cut in the corner. The corner is not small and Black has not entirely secure territory.

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