BQM 104

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Joonas Tyystjärvi: Supposing that the cutting point to the right of B2 is not usable, does this work? It seems to me that after W9, White is alive - are Black's moves correct? (Of course, the result is locally very bad for White.)

Sacrifice one  
Black key points  

-William [2d]

'a', 'b', and 'c' (followed by 'd' if white connects) are all more important than taking one stone. When seeking to kill, it is important not to try and separate your opponent's stones. It is better to squish them all together into an area too small to live.

White 5, incidentally, is not that strong. It gives up on the option to descend straight down, or play one to the left. Defending 1 with a hanging connection (for the ko) really is the best white can attempt for move 5. In fact, playing this sooner rather than later may be better -- 3 for 4 might be possible as a ko threat during the fight.

I think Black can kill by playing B6 at W7 instead. If Black omits B5, then White a Black b W5 makes life - Andreas


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