BQM 103

    Keywords: Joseki

Why is this considered a mistake?

Korlon: There are a number of responses to this after black cuts. This move 4 by white is not joseki because, unless white has neighboring stones around, perfect play by black should lead to him getting a better result.


how about this example. now b got the corner and sente and white still a 3 stone wall in gote  

Sodavich: I have a lot of trouble punishing white's mistake. They say that only beginners rush to atari. What if white plays like this?


If the ladder works for black, I guess Black could try this:


Because if white tries to save the 3-5 stone, I think he dies in the corner:


However, I'm perplexed what to do if the ladder does not work. Thoughts?


unkx80: The usual idea is to hane-connect with B7 and B9.


unkx80: If W1 atari, then B2 extends and the corner stones are dead.


unkx80: If W1 atari on the second line, then Black would be happy to let white crawl on the line of defeat.

Sodavich: Thank you!

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