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The [ext] American Go Association Go Database was released to the public during the 25th US Go Congress in August 2009. The site is based upon code developed (Aldo Podavini, and Scattini Paolo), and generously shared with the AGA, by [ext] AGI (Association for Go in Italy) for the European Go Database.

Call to Action

Please check your data in the AGAGD using the [ext] Find Player page. We have a certain number of errors in the database and would like to remove all that we can.


March 2020 Before the Covid-19 pandemic there were about 160,000 games in the database. Due to the associated lockdown in the USA, this number didn't rise until March 2021.

27 June 2010 the AGAGD now includes several online tournaments. These online tournaments are not rated. An example is the [ext] 2010 Strong Players Online Tournament

  • 110.046 games,
  • 16.776 players,
  • 1.725 tournaments

31 January 2010 updated with new ratings. Most recent tournament, Lancaster Self Paired, was played on 31 January 2010.

  • 107,450 rated games,
  • 16.469 players,
  • 1.666 tournaments and other rating events,
  • 318 players linked to the EGD,
  • 8 photos of AGA members.

02 November 2009 the European Go Database and AGAGD share a number of players. The displayed player information in each database contains a link to the player information in the other database.

08 October 2009 using tournament data up to 19 September 2009, and membership data up to 01 October 2009, the database contains:

  • 104,134 rated games,
  • 16.357 players,
  • 1.604 tournaments and other rating events,
  • 7 photos of AGA members.

23 August 2009 using tournament data up to 17 May 2009, and membership data up to 15 August 2009, the database contains:

  • 101.461 rated games,
  • 16.271 players,
  • 1.589 tournaments and other rating events,
  • 7 photos of AGA members.

1 August 2009, using data up to 17 May 2009, the database contains:

  • 69,000+ rated games,
  • 16,000+ players,
  • 1,300+ tournaments and other rating events.

Approximately 300 tournaments from before 17 May 2009 and other rating events remain to the entered into the database.

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