3-4 point low approach three-space low pincer tenuki

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See 3-4 point low approach three-space low pincer

Bob McGuigan: Here's the normal Black response when White tenukis:

Three-space low pincer, White tenuki  

Three-space low pincer  

Jared: What do you think about B1? Seems like white a or b. Thanks.

Bill: Shouldn't this be a BQM?
Jared: Let's keep it here. That way it can be distilled into a reasonable entry on this joseki page, where it belongs.

Bill: Joseki? What joseki?

Natural development  

Bill: W1 - B4 is a natural development. However, . . .


Bill: This ladder works. That being the case, I do not like Black's original play (black+circle). (Although I expect that there are situations where it is fine.)

Natural development (2)  

Jared: The ladder works, but after white responds to B8 atari (probably by capturing at W9) then black will have a good move at a or b. White feels cramped by a and is shut in well by b.

ferdi: Instead of Black b, Black c is better (and should be played right now, it's more important than a).

Bill: I agree with ferdi, and so I think that W d is better than W9, even though that leaves some aji with black+circle.

One thing to keep in mind is that Black has a 1-2 stone advantage. Unless Black makes a bad mistake he will come out ahead locally.


If white W9, then black+circle has aji.

Aji (2)  

B1 and B3 may be a way to use this aji.

Aji (2a)  

Bill: W2 comes to mind, but, even though B1 B3 black+circle look funny, B5 leads to a difficult fight.

better white choice?!  

ferdi: Also, shouldn't White play W3 instead of a?! At least without the marked stone this is the right move according to Ishida.

Bill: I think you're right about that.

Both and?  

Bill: Hmmm. Maybe White should play both of Jared's suggested moves. :-)

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